Hot Links

Below are some valuable resources that I have relied on over the years.  Immerse yourself in research, education and application.  General Reconnaissance Intelligence Training.  All things fitness without the cheesy fitness product ads, photos or spin.  Bare bones intelligent resource.

Eat to Compete Nutrition Info  Presented by Iowa University Cooperative Extension geared toward the competitive athlete.  However, the info on the macro-nutrients is the same for everyone.

Ross Enamait’s This guy is the real deal.  If you like GritFit you’ll love this site.

Drudge  I’m socially conservative but do not affiliate with any political party.  Sadly the nature of politics is corrupt.  That is not to that all politicians are corrupt but the machine is badly broken.

American  I don’t agree with all the writers on this site but most is well written.

Allen B.  What can I say?  I love this man.  Allen West for President.

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