Originality is Overrated

This guys website is on my link page.  Click here to read his post, ‘Originality is Overrated’. I checked in yesterday and as always he’s as smart as he is bad-ass.  Don’t overcomplicate things.  On the right side of each page are more links to posts in which he tells it like it is and if you watch him train I don’t think you’ll question the merit.  If  you’re wondering why I am linking you to others’ sites, because GritFit Training Corps is based in education.  Read the GRIT page for clarity.  We are inundated with promises and products and magic bullets and “we have the answer”  claims when the answer is right in front of you.  It’s as old as mankind.  Move your body at a reasonable level of intensity and don’t eat too much.  End of story.  Address the real issue which is probably all in your head.  It’s behavior.  You started it and you can change.

Click the link below or above to read the post, Originality is Overrated.


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